"Cento città contro il museo Cesare Lombroso"

Nuovo libro: Cento città contro il museo Cesare Lombroso

La vittoria del Comitato:

Il Comune di Motta Santa Lucia (CZ) e il Comitato Tecnico-Scientifico "No Lombroso" hanno vinto la battaglia legale contro il museo "Lombroso" dell'Università di Torino. I resti di Giuseppe Villella dovranno essere restituiti al suo paese natale per ordinanza del Tribunale di Lamezia Terme del 3 Ottobre 2012. Le azioni del Comitato "No Lombroso" proseguiranno finché l'ultimo reperto umano presente presso il museo non avrà ricevuto degna e cristiana sepoltura.
Di seguito il video celebrativo.

Cesare Lombroso was the real criminal.

Cesare Lombroso His beliefs were mainly based on the thesis that "the born or atavistic (uncultured) offender" is an individual who presents degenerative features in his physical build that differentiates him from a normal socially accepted man. In the pursuit of fame and in favour of his suspicious and antiscientific thesis, doctor Lombroso didn't hesitate to skin corpses, cut off and dissect heads, perform the most incredibile and cruel operations on men who were believed to be criminals in order to measure parts of their skulls and bodies, underlining unbelievable theories on the physical features of the natural born criminal. His work was strongly influenced by physiognomy, developing a pseudo science that dealt with forensic and psychosomatic phrenology inducing him to speculate more like a wizard apprentice than a scientist in a context based on eugenics and on some form of "scientific racism" the consequences of which would be visible in the following decades. In fact these conjectures were adopted as the foundation of the theories of German doctors regarding the pureness of the Aryan race, expanding Lombroso's false theory to explain the physical features of the Hebrew and the Rom and so on, justifying their extermination.

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